Impressed by the contrasts and the links between cultures throughout history, I use memory and nature as a framework for collective experience as well as referent. Nature seen as sanctuary, matrix of interdependence and movement, interests me to the same extent as the nature seen as archetype of the separation of opposites, model of hierarchy and domination.

Through sculptures, as a form of new archeology, I try to explore the transformation of immediate reality into symbol and to investigate the transcendence of ephemeral lived experience into knowledge, matter, emotion, gesture.

At the confrontation of philosophy with the image, my endaviour enhances the mystery and widens the real through new forms. Being present in this complexity requires the effort to look, to question, to ask; my artistic approach is build as a poetic-political commitment and an alternative to dispossessing oneself, to reducing man and nature to mechanics, applied and profitable rationality.


M.A. june 2018