My paintings are brought to life by my desire to meditate and to create space and connections as such. As symbols attach a sense to a given image thus, the painting connects the image to the sources of the imagination (such as perception, memory, archetypes) and to revelations (the very action of painting).

For the Roots series, paintings are closely related to my biography and my exploration and the way I transliterate my relationship with the environment in terms of color, texture, atmospheres, matter, all in all spiritualized and dramatized by the mixture between image and painting. Birthed from the emotions of facing nature, my endeavor is the result of the effect that the world has over my awareness; it reflects the force of self-recognition of thought and the power to further insert itself into the world’s configuration by means of images and the associations between emotion and atmosphere.

Painting, as a matrix and as a whole, is built on discontinuity, on structures of opposition between recognizable parts (i.e. pieces of landscape) and strokes, constantly oscillating between representation and abstract forms; color is the main connection to reality and it is also the expression of an intimate state, an intuition, if you will, rather than the description of a specific place or element.


M.A. april 2016