Landscape, a Matter of Time by Emily Rammant


Magda Amariorarei has a fascination with space. Perspectives and grids help us interpret the world, but Amariorarei looks beyond this. Her work elevates reality to a timeless composition, using the geometric forms of today’s civilisation to evoke a world of contemplation and evasion.

Amarioarei uses natural landscapes as a starting point in her work. She combines it with lines of perspective which make a reference to industrial or urban elements, creating a fictional geometry. Their goal is not to constrain the viewer but to inspire him by projecting an intuitive world, a place where new possibilities are born. She ads depth to her paintings by combining several layers, each witnessing time passing by. Perception of space, the impression of the far and the distant become subjective and confuse the viewer. By combining these multiple views at once, Amariaorei creates an archeologic image that invites the viewer to look repeatedly at her paintings, never really revealing the objective perspective. She creates a poetic daydream that opens a window to a meditational garden, it gives freedom to the soul, which brings us back to the essence of nature itself.


Text written by Emily Rammant on the occasion of exhibition "Landscape, a Matter of Time" held at L'Etage d'Euphrosine Gallery, Ostend in 2014