Man of Place

My work has been focusing on the landscape for ten years. I grew up in Romania in the midst of nature. However, I don’t literally start from an existing landscape. My paintings are about nature and particularly the human nature; the life of man. According to C. G. Jung our psyche is a reminiscent of evolution of nature, and this reality is my prime source of inspiration.    

In painting I seek and explore a space to reflect, an inner space, a natural, psychological and archetypal space, that time and culture have obstructed. Painting reflects this cultural conflict of surfaces, transparencies, brushstrokes, full and empty, height and depth. Atmosphere, colours, textures, all refer to nature, rendering the image at the border of what’s recognisable or not. Nature is beyond the image,  is maybe a function that generates the images, thats’s why i seek for something archaic and rogh through painting.

My approach is an attempt to reevaluate our cultural  sources (christiano-paganic) in relation with nature, to rediscover sacrality in our environment, in nature, in ourselves and in our actions.